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Sustainability is a core value

Good neighbours care about the land and environment they operate in. YEG is Canada’s largest airport by land size with more than 7,700 acres under our care. We want to lead by example, continue to reduce our impact on the environment and showcase leadership for our region and our industry.

We’re acting to reduce our emissions and increase energy efficiency. As well we have a strong focus on water, energy use and supporting our friends and partners who are bringing new innovative technologies forward to help reduce environmental impacts.

A plan for environmental excellence

To ensure continued environmental management excellence, we are guided by our environmental management plan. The plan includes:

  • A requirement for environmental impact assessments for all new projects
  • Proper handling procedures for hazardous materials
  • Water quality testing program
  • Standard operating procedures for all environmental operations, such as management of storage and fuel tanks and usage, storage and disposal of ozone-depleting materials

Addressing environmental concerns

We’re committed to regular discussions of environmental issues and concerns with our surrounding communities and other stakeholders.

Environmental sustainability takes many forms, learn about some of our programs and actions here.