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In partnership with Wild + Pine Sustainability, we’re committed to sustainable practices that contribute to the development of managed ecosystems. We’re committed to purchasing 50,000 trees for initiatives that help to improve our environment. Seedlings grown are deployed to Wild + Pine’s StoneWoods Forest Carbon Project which consists of aggregated sites located across Alberta’s capital region.

Wild + Pine Sustainability is an important part of the Airport City Sustainability Campus. Our goal is to support a sustainable approach to travel by reducing our carbon footprint. Every tree planted results in more area restored, leading to a more resilient and ecologically diverse landscape in Alberta for current and future generations to enjoy.

Plant a Tree™ for you

We’re starting to give trees to select partners as gifts. This is a more environmentally friendly option to thank you for your business and recognize the importance of your partnership.

Park a Car, Plant a Tree™

When you park a car at Value ParkEasy ParkadePriority Valet or jetSet Parking, you can choose to add a tree to your reservation. For every tree purchased at Value Park, we will match your contribution up to a total of 25,000 trees.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Natural landscape restoration is critical in securing a livable future. It adds biodiversity and resiliency to ecosystems, establishes habitat and migratory corridors for wildlife, and increases the natural capacity for our lands to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Where do the trees come from?

Seedlings are grown right here at YEG’s Airport City Sustainability Campus through our partner Wild + Pine. Native trees and shrubs are grown inside of their Bioprism Advanced Vertical Greenhouse, supplemented with seedlings grown by partner greenhouses across the province.

Where will the trees be planted?

Tree seedlings will be planted in Wild + Pine’s StoneWoods Forest Carbon project in Alberta’s Capital Region. All project areas are entered into conservation into perpetuity for future generations to enjoy. The trees planted will never be harvested or developed.

What types of trees are planted?

All trees and shrubs planted are native to Alberta, grown from seeds collected from geographically representative areas. The specific mix of species chosen is based on soil type, topography, moisture regime and nutrient availability of each land unit type within a greater project area (commonly referred to as an ecosite in Alberta). This ensures the right tree is planted in the right place for the greatest chance of survival and long-term success of that ecosystem.

How will the trees be planted?

Wild + Pine hires professional planters to reforest their project areas. These tree planters have experience working in vastly different ecosystems across Canada where they cover expansive areas each day in a methodical and efficient way, often with just a small planting shovel as their tool of choice. Professional tree planters are trained to choose the best “microsite” available for each seedling type where it will be protected from the wind, have access to sunlight and water, and not be impeded by anything as it grows into a big beautiful mature tree or shrub.

Who is Wild + Pine?

Wild + Pine is one of YEG’s sustainability partners at our Airport City Sustainability Campus. They have been restoring Alberta’s environment for over 11 years, and have recently expanded their operations to include tree seedling production and sustainability services. Wild + Pine is a leader in Canadian climate action and Certified B Corporation. Visit for more information.

Is Wild + Pine a charity?

Wild + Pine is a for-profit corporation registered in Alberta. This allows for more mobility and flexibility in advancing technology and executing projects in the face of a rapidly changing climate with a high level of scientific rigor and transparency.

Will this offset my flight?

Not directly, but we are working to reduce our impact on the environment, one tree at a time. One of the many benefits to restoring natural ecosystems is the carbon removed from the atmosphere. Once the trees planted from this program have grown, the carbon they have removed will be verified and included as reductions in YEG’s carbon footprint.

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