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In partnership with Wild + Pine Sustainability, we are committed to sustainable practices that contribute to the development of managed ecosystems.

With environmental stewardship at the forefront of airport operations, Edmonton International Airport (YEG) partnered with Edmonton-based Wild + Pine in 2021 as part of our Airport City Sustainability Campus. In 2023, the airport invested in the StoneWoods Forest Carbon Project to plant 50,000 tree seedlings, restoring 61 acres of land, about the size of one of YEG’s runways and the terminal building.

The seedlings used in the project contained a mix of tree and shrub species grown in Wild + Pine’s Bioprism Advanced Vertical Greenhouse located at the airport, and then deployed to Wild + Pine’s StoneWoods Forest Carbon Project which consists of aggregated sites located across Alberta’s capital region.

Every tree planted results in more area restored, leading to a more resilient and ecologically diverse landscape in Alberta for current and future generations to enjoy.

Currently, the public can join YEG’s journey to net-zero by participating in the Park a Car, Plant a Tree™ program, by choosing to purchase a tree during the parking booking process. YEG looks forward to continuing the path to net-zero with valuable partners like Wild + Pine. 

Plant a Tree™ for you

We’re starting to give trees to select partners as gifts. This is a more environmentally friendly option to thank you for your business and recognize the importance of your partnership.