Living by our values

All our actions will drive our mission to responsibly generate economic prosperity for our region through authentic environmental, social, and governance leadership.

Our leadership in ESG means at YEG we live by our values. Everything we do is guided by our commitment to create meaningful partnerships that protect our airport, manage our environment, grow our region and connect our community to the world.

This includes supporting economic opportunities, creating jobs, focusing on innovation as well as creating awareness and driving action on environmental, social and governance initiatives that add value to our airport and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

YEG Living Wall

YEG is committed to ESG leadership

Everything we do is guided by our values and commitment making a positive difference for our employees, passengers, partners and the community,

We are committed to net-zero

Edmonton Airports was the first airport authority in the world to sign the Climate Pledge with a net-zero commitment by 2040— a decade ahead of the Paris Climate Accord’s ambitious schedule.

Our integration of sustainability initiatives is inherent in what we do. Some of the initiatives happening or completed at YEG include replacing all our lightbulbs with LED bulbs, constructing LEED certified terminal buildings, supporting a solar farm that will annually produce 200,000 MWh of power and offset 106,000 tonnes of CO2, building a CoGen facility that reduces annual carbon emissions by 8,000 tonnes, and partnering with some of the world’s best clean-fuel technology companies. YEG is on the cutting edge of technology, innovation and social responsibility.

YEG is bringing the first fleet of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to Alberta

One hundred Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) will soon be on Alberta’s roadways, thanks to an innovative partnership between YEG and Toyota Canada. In 2023, the first seven of these vehicles were delivered to YEG, with the rest of the vehicles to be delivered in phases until the end of 2024. These vehicles and our partnership with Toyota Canada will help reduce carbon emissions, attract investment and contribute to our airport’s goal of being net-zero. Learn more.



Leading in sustainability

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

As airlines swiftly progress with their exploration of sustainable aviation fuels, airports have an integral role in supporting the industry. YEG signed two important memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with local partners showcasing the power of low-emission fuel.

YEG and SixRing are working together to advance the use of biofuels, including SAF, in the aviation industry. The partnership supports the development of a commercial-scale production facility in the Edmonton Metro Region.

YEG and FORGE Hydrocarbons are collaboratively advancing SAF production through a planned production facility in the Edmonton Metro Region.

SAF is one of several solutions to help the aviation sector to reach net zero by 2050 and YEG is committed to creating a better future for our people and our planet.

YEG operates as a living lab for the hemp industry

Home to the Alberta Hemp Alliance (AHA), YEG supports the entire hemp sector by bringing industry together to promote, educate, advocate and support the commercialization of hemp products in Alberta.

YEG enables ecosystem partnerships and helps connect hemp producers to regional, national and global markets.

As a fast-growing plant with reduced (or minimal) need for pesticides and water, hemp is extremely efficient at absorbing and locking up carbon.

YEG recognizes the importance of championing climate change solutions and demonstrating innovative leadership on the path to net zero. Supporting industrial hemp cultivation on airport lands, with its recognised sustainability benefits linked to carbon sequestration, is a step toward promoting and fostering sustainability.

A field of hemp growing in front of the airport