Managing noise is our priority

We proactively manage the impact of aircraft noise on our community.

YEG adheres to the noise management responsibilities outlined in our ground lease with Transport Canada and any initiatives we undertake are governed by the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Additional information about YEG noise management is presented on this page.

Edmonton Airports will periodically issue noise advisories to advise the public of irregular operations, construction activities or events that may alter normal aircraft traffic patterns and result in aircraft noise.

Instrument landing systems flight checks

At least twice per year, YEG tests our landing systems. During these tests, a white and blue Canadian regional jet (CRJ-200) repeatedly approaches the YEG runways from several angles, elevations, and speeds without the landing gear down. Each flight check is normally 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of maintenance done to the system. It can get a little loud.

We issue noise advisories for instrument landing systems flight checks by posting notices on the Noise Concern Line. Testing happens at least twice a year.

The noise advisory committee consults with our local community and aviation partners. They also help educate the public about airport operations and aircraft noise.

The committee reviews noise concerns and makes noise abatement recommendations. Membership includes:

  • City of Leduc resident representative
  • City of Leduc administration
  • City of Edmonton administration
  • Leduc County councillors, resident and administration
  • Town of Devon council
  • Town of Beaumont council
  • Transport Canada
  • Airline representative
  • Edmonton Airports (co-chair)

The Noise Abatement Procedures we implement for the Edmonton International Airport are as follows:

Departure procedures

  • runway 12 turbo-jet/turbo-fan aircraft — no right turns west of the “LEDUC” non-directional beacon (NDB)
  • all runways – NADP 1 or 2

Arrival procedures

  • avoid flying over the town of Leduc below 5000 feet above sea level
  • runway 30 right-hand circuits

The Canadian Aviation Regulatory Advisory Council (CARAC) reviews noise abatement regulations and Transport Canada approves them.

The provincial Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) regulation applies to municipalities surrounding YEG to ensure that only compatible land uses are developed.

Building cooperation and understanding in the community

As we see continued growth in air travel and air cargo, we want to hear your perspective on aircraft noise. We also want you to know we are doing the utmost to minimize aircraft noise and disturbance.