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Know the rules before you fly a drone

More and more people are flying drones in Canada.

To ensure everyone’s safety, Transport Canada has set rules and regulations for the safe use of drones in Canada.

Important: you may not fly your unauthorized drone within 5.6 km of the airport.

You must understand the legal requirements when flying drones.

For safety, fly your drone:

  • Where you can see it at all times
  • Below 122 metres (400 feet) in the air
  • Away from bystanders, at a minimum distance of 30 metres for basic operations
  • Away from emergency operations and advertised events
  • avoid forest fires, outdoor concerts and parades
  • Away from airports and heliports
    • 5.6 kilometres (3 nautical miles) from airports
    • 1.9 kilometres (1 nautical mile) from heliports
  • Far away from other aircraft
    • Don’t fly anywhere near airplanes, helicopters and other drones

Penalties and fines

You could face serious penalties, including fines or jail time, if you break the rules.