YEG safe walk program

Everyone deserves to feel safe and secure at work.

Airport Security will provide a safe walk to any airport employee or tenant who requests one.

How does safe walk work?

  • Request your safe walk
    • In person at the Central Security office
    • By phone to pre-arrange your security escort: 780 890 8207
  • Meet your security escort at the Central Security office
    • If you requested in person, Airport Security will accommodate you as quickly as possible
  • Airport Security will escort you to your vehicle and stay with you until you are safely inside


Public safe walk

A safe walk can also be provided to the public, if requested.

Security guards will contact their on-duty Airside Team Leader to arrange a security escort (safe walk) or provide the safe walk themselves.

If you have any questions about this program, contact Jason Sangster, the Manager of Airport and Corporate Security.