Here’s what you need to know

As of Sunday, June 12, 2022, travellers no longer need to show proof of a pre-departure COVID-19 test result for air travel to the United States from Canada.

As of Friday, May 12, 2023, all non-immigrant, non-US citizen air travellers to the United States are no longer required to be fully vaccinated nor provide related proof of vaccination status prior to boarding an airplane to the United States.

More information is available here.

Welcome to preclearance

Clear US Customs before you fly

Before departing to a US destination, you must go through US Customs.

After you check in for your direct flight to the US, remain on the Departures level and walk south, passed the Delta and WestJet US check-in counters.

Drop your checked bags on the US bag drop belt and proceed to the south end of the building.

We recommend arriving 3 hours before your departure time to clear Customs and security.

Traveling with Dogs

On August 1, 2024, CBP will be implementing new requirements for dogs entering the U.S.

Dogs must:

  • Appear healthy upon arrival;
  • Be at least six months of age;
  • Be microchipped; and
  • Be accompanied by a CDC Dog Import Form online submission receipt

For more information, please visit the CBP website.

Frequently asked questions

APC kiosks can be used by US citizens, US legal permanent residents, Canadian citizens, travellers using ESTA (Visa Waiver Program), and travellers entering with a B1/B2 or D visa.

Visit the following website for information about the Visa Waiver Program.

No, you will submit your declaration form electronically using the kiosk.

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Dutch, German, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified) and Japanese.

Hours: 04:30 am – 06:30 pm daily.

The USCBP public window is open Wednesday and Friday, 9:00 am–12:00 pm, and they are closed on all US and Canadian holidays.

The USCBP public window is in an office on the south side of the building between the US bag drop belt and US Departures screening.

For more information, visit US Automated Passport Control.