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What is the Airport Improvement Fee?

Passengers departing EIA pay an Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) of $30. This fee is included in the price of airline tickets. The AIF funds air terminal redevelopment projects like terminal and runway expansion that accommodate Edmonton’s growing demand for air travel.

The following passengers are exempt from the fee:

  • Children under 2
  • Aircraft crew on duty
  • Airline staff traveling on business
  • In-transit passengers remaining on board an aircraft
  • Passengers connecting within four hours for domestic/transborder flights (24 hours for international flights)

Why do passengers pay the AIF?

Since industry de-regulation in 1992, Canadian airports stopped receiving tax monies for major facility upgrades or operational requirements, and have been solely responsible for funding these projects.

EIA’s main terminal was originally designed in 1967 to accommodate 2.5 million passengers per year. After several expansion projects, today we serve 8.2 million passengers annually. We are continuing to expand and develop our terminal and air services to serve an anticipated 10 million passengers per year by 2025.

Ground transportation rates and fees

The table below outlines rates and fees for the following types of ground transportation:

  • Class I –  Limousine stand ground transportation operator – as per agreement
  • Class III – Scheduled bus service – as per agreement
  • Class V – Taxicab stand operators – as per agreement

Types of Ground Transportation

Vehicle class
Passenger seat range
Rate per trip
Vehicle class


Passenger seat range


Rate per trip


Vehicle class


Passenger seat range


Rate per trip


Vehicle class


Passenger seat range


Rate per trip


For more information about ground transportation rates and fees, contact: