Door-to-door transport at YEG

Don’t want to drive yourself or take a bus? YEG offers several options if you prefer to use a taxi, limo or rideshare.

Taxis and limos

Edmonton International Airport has partnerships with several taxi and limousine service companies.

Other taxi companies or drivers may drop off or pick up passengers in the commercial taxi area, if prior arrangements are made. Special accessible vehicles can be reserved by calling the taxi company or the Ground Transportation Office in advance.

Catch your taxi or limo curbside outside Door 9, on the Arrivals level.

Flat rate to downtown

The flat rate for transportation to downtown Edmonton:

  • Taxi: $62
  • Limo: $71

Taxi and limo contacts

YEG and the taxi services represented here are committed to providing a high standard of customer service and welcome your comments. To provide customer feedback, email us at

Look for the Blue Tag

Taxi drivers who want to work at YEG must complete the Blue Tag Taxi Ambassador Course, a training program in partnership with Norquest College.

The Blue Tag program ensures first-class service for our passengers. Drivers receive training on:

  • English as a second language: ensuring clear communication with the customers
  • Customer service: how to provide amazing customer service and handle challenging customers
  • Road safety: defensive driving and collision avoidance

When you see taxi drivers with the Blue Tag, it means they have successfully completed the program. An orange tag means the driver is in training.

Taxi YEG

Rideshare providers

Prefer to use a rideshare like Uber?

YEG has agreements with rideshare providers. Uber drivers at YEG must carry appropriate commercial insurance and Class 4 drivers’ licenses, as required by Alberta legislation. Rideshare providers cannot be hailed at YEG, nor can they use the taxi stands.

Use your preferred app to arrange pick-up or drop-off.

Where to meet your driver

Arrivals level, outside door 10, next to the rideshare banner

Rideshare contacts

For more information

Visit the Ground Transportation Office on the Arrivals level, near Door 7.