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Your cargo: any size, on-time and anywhere

EIA is the 5th busiest airport in Canada and boasts the largest landmass of any airport in Canada. Our full-service cargo operation increases in volume every year.

Agriculture, energy and industrial sectors contribute to our local economy, making EIA an important centre for shipping products worldwide.

We have invested in cargo infrastructure to meet the growing demand for reliable and efficient cargo services. We provide:

Special benefits:

  • Infrastructure that handles massive loads, accommodating the world’s largest cargo aircraft, the AN 124, and recognized by Boeing for supporting 747-8 revenue operations
  • Bonded warehousing and industrial cargo expertise for heavy and oversized oil, gas, oil sands and mining loads. Also, live animal handling capable.
  • 24/7 operations with no noise restrictions, curfews, operational or slot restrictions
  • Fully-integrated support services, equipment and facilities. We move shipments, aircraft and crew quickly and efficiently
  • Rapid 24-hour customs allowing quick entry and exit of your shipments within the Port Alberta Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), reducing trade barriers and enhancing access to Canadian markets
  • Among the lowest operating costs in Canada, including economical aviation fees, warehousing and real estate rates, handling charges, fuel costs and trucking rates
  • Convenient location for efficient and economical onward logistics. Within minutes of Nisku Industrial Park, Alberta’s principal highways including direct access to the CANMEX corridor to the US and Mexico and two intermodal rail yards that provide inland and marine container service
  • Excellent on-time performance

Cargo Care, your fresh and safe gateway:

At EIA, we offer a full Cargo Care Solution that offers unparalleled service to support multimodal shipping for your perishable and pharma goods.

We connect customers to create strategic partnerships and provide customized solutions through our trusted industry cargo partners.  Our goal is to provide expert advice and technical support on the ground, to ensure the successful handling and delivery for every shipment.  We are technology focused and forward thinking to meet your business needs.

Edmonton’s world-class cargo operation

EIA Cargo can handle the world’s largest cargo aircraft. We are continually adding new cargo certifications and partnerships.  Refer to the embedded YouTube video in order to watch EIA’s cargo village in action.

Bison Transport at EIA