Welcome to Villeneuve Airport!

Villeneuve Airport (VA or ZVL), operated by Edmonton Airports, is in Sturgeon County, 9 km northwest of St. Albert.

Edmonton Airports acquired Villeneuve Airport in 2000 to manage the growth and safety of air traffic in the Capital Region.

How does Villeneuve Airport support YEG?

Villeneuve Airport offers a non-congested and accessible location for general aviation in our region.

It supports YEG and the Capital Region by providing capacity for:

  • Commercial general aviation
  • General aviation for small fixed or rotary-wing aircraft for private, corporate or commercial purposes
  • Alternate space for air ambulance operations
  • Wide range of services for private and commercial operations in both fixed and rotary-wing
  • Flight training
  • Compatible aircraft maintenance

Villeneuve Airport is an important satellite airport to YEG because it ensures safe and efficient operations by diverting small, general aviation recreation and training aircraft away from the larger airport.

ZVL supports economic growth in the region

Villeneuve Airport is home to 23 businesses, including aircraft flight training, fixed-wing aircraft maintenance, helicopter maintenance, and aviation operations.

In our most-recent Economic impact study, Villeneuve Airport contributes:

  • $74.7 million in economic output
  • 292 direct jobs

We are expanding & developing to serve more

Villeneuve Airport has undergone several years of development and expansion.

There are 6 newly-leased lots under development and 14 newly subdivided greenfield lots available for lease. Visit Leasing Opportunities for more information.

For more information on our plans to develop and use Villeneuve Airport, visit our Strategic Plan page.