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Access for all

Everyone can enjoy a barrier-free and accessible travel experience at YEG.

The Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is subject to the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations and the provisions of these regulations that apply to it, and the services that it offers to persons with disabilities and any conditions that apply to those services.

  1. An accessibility complaint is received by email at  or a complaint is transcribed by an employee who answers a call at 780 890 8382.
  2. If the complaint is received by email, an acknowledgement receipt is sent within two business days. At that time, more information may be requested.
  3. Depending on the circumstances:
  4. If the complaint is related to The Edmonton Airport Authority (the Authority) service and can be easily resolved, the Authority will rectify the situation and inform the complainant as to what action(s) resulted from the complaint.
  5. If the complaint is related to an Authority service or airport facility and cannot be easily resolved, the issue will be further explored by the Authority, and measures will be taken to find a solution. Once implemented, the Authority will inform the complainant as to what actions resulted from the complaint.
  6. If a complaint pertains to a service provider on airport grounds that does not have a formal complaint response/resolution process through its website, the email will be escalated to the implicated partner’s team lead at the Authority. Then:
  7. If the service provider will respond directly to the complainant and copy the Authority; or
  8. If the service provider will respond to the Authority, who in turn will inform the complainant.
  9. If a complaint pertains to a service on airport grounds that has a formal complaint response/resolution process through its website, the Authority will refer the complainant to that resource. The Authority will also inform the implicated partner’s team lead at the Authority of the complaint.

Any complaint about The Edmonton Airport Authority not following these regulations should be submitted to:

You are welcome here!

We strive to ensure YEG is an Airport for Everyone! Our top priority is to ensure that every person’s journey through our airport is safe and accessible. Please watch the videos below to learn more about the accessible services provided at our airport.

YEG Accessibility

Airport shuttles

Accessible transportation to and from the airport can be pre-arranged with skyshuttle. Our on-site shuttle buses are equipped to accommodate non-folding or non-collapsible mobility aids for the convenience of our guests.

Pick up and drop-off

Passengers arriving by car can access special parking during pick up and drop-off.

  • Pick-up: there is one accessible pick-up zone on the Arrivals level between Doors 2 and 3
  • Drop-off: there are two 30-minute courtesy zones on the Departures level near Doors 26 and 30

For short visits, access to curbside parking is available by driving into the taxi queue and notifying the attendant of your request.

For more information, contact Ground Transportation

Easy Parkade offers accessible parking stalls, spacious elevators and ramps to the terminals.

The Value Park attendant can direct you to accessible parking stalls. A courtesy shuttle bus to and from the terminal is equipped with a wheelchair lift.

The Curbside Assistance Program at Edmonton International Airport offers accessible assistance from the departures curb to the airline check-in counter, as well as from arrivals level to your transportation. This service is for airline passenger with mobility needs who do not have other assistance, a wheelchair and baggage assistance will be provided if requested upon arrival.

The Curbside Assistance Program is an on-demand service available daily, between the hours of 05:00 am – midnight.

For Passengers Departing from Edmonton International Airport:

Please park in an accessible stall on the departures level at doors 25 or 30.  When you arrive, please call the Curbside Service Representative at the number listed on the Curbside Assistance signs.  A curbside Service Representative will take your information and location and meet and assist you to your airline’s check-in counter.  Once you arrive at the check-in counter, the Curbside Service Representative will locate an Airline Representative to help you complete the check-in process.

For Passengers Arriving at Edmonton International Airport:

Upon landing at Edmonton International Airport, an Airline Representative will assist you from the aircraft and to the baggage carousel.  Once you have collected your personal belongings, the Airline Representative will then escort you to the Curbside Assistance Waiting Area and call a Curbside Service Representative on your behalf. The Curbside Service Representative will meet you at the waiting area and assist you to your transportation.

These services are available to all passengers:

  • Washrooms are equipped with grab bars and Life Call
  • Braille signs for elevators and washrooms
  • Airport staff are trained in assisting persons in need
  • Oversized revolving doors
  • TTY and volume control pay telephones and accommodation booking telephones
  • Accessible check-in and information counters
  • Eye-level flight information screens
  • Video paging on flight information screens
  • Hearing Loops (available at the Information Booth)

Aira is a visual interpreting service. Live, on-demand access to visual information. It’s an accommodation or productivity tool that connects you to live agents that can help users navigate through the airport.

Using the camera and an app on your smartphone, a trained agent will assist by visually interpreting your surroundings, from describing to reading, from explaining to navigating – just about anything, safely and securely.

How it works

  1. Download the Aira App on your smartphone through Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Open the Aira app and choose the prompt “Tap to use Aira as a Guest for FREE!”
  3. Register with an email and phone number and complete the signup process.
  4. You will receive a text message confirming your phone number.
  5. Tap the link in the text message to complete the signup process.
  6. Connect with an agent by tapping the phone icon.

Once connected, what do I do?

When you call an agent, the agent will ask what you’d like to do, and you simply state the task at hand. Aira agents require passengers with sight loss to have their mobility device (white cane or service animal) with them at all times.

More information

All support or questions on the use of Aira should be directed to Aira during its hours of operation (7:00 am to 7:00 pm MST). Its toll-free customer service line is 1-800-835-1934.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Website Content

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is an internationally recognized program that provides Sunflower-branded items for passengers to wear to discreetly indicate to people around the wearer that they may need additional support, help or simply more time.

What is a hidden disability?

Without a visual cue, it can be difficult for others to identify, acknowledge or understand the daily barriers faced by people living with an invisible disability. Hidden disabilities can be physical, mental or neurological and include, but are not limited to, autism, ADHD, cognitive disabilities such as learning difficulties and dementia, mental health conditions, speech challenges, and auditory and visual conditions. They can also include respiratory and chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, chronic pain and sleep disorders.

How to get your Hidden Sunflower Items

Passengers at YEG can request a free and reusable Sunflower lanyard, wristband or ribbon to wear throughout their journey. Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower will discreetly indicate to airport staff that the wearer needs help, support or a little extra time and patience.

Passengers can pick up their Hidden Disabilities Sunflower branded items on site at the YEG Information Booth on the Arrivals Level (see Terminal Map).

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is available free of charge.

More information

For questions about our Sunflower program, please email us at

Plan ahead and advise your airline in advance of any special assistance you may need at the airport or if you plan to travel with a mobility aid, such as a stroller, wheelchair or walker.

We recommend you arrive with plenty of time prior to your flight departure. Your airline will advise you of the check-in time or minimum connection time requirements if you are connecting.

Please contact your airline to confirm their regulations regarding mobility aids and how they will accommodate your needs. Depending on the airline, you may check in your mobility aid with checked baggage, or you may take it directly to the aircraft.

Find more information on Pre-Board Screening Procedures for passengers with special needs, and those travelling with mobility aids and medical equipment.

Pet relief areas

YEG has three pet relief areas on the Arrivals level:

  • outside Door 1 by the pathway
  • across from Door 3 by the parkade
  • next to Door 10 by the mailboxes

All areas offer pet waste dispensers and garbage cans.

YEG has one pet relief room inside the terminal in the Domestic/International Departures Lounge:

  • pet relief room is located between Gate 52 and Gate 54
  • the room has artificial turf, a hose for cleaning, pet waste bag dispensers and a garbage can
  • Visit for images of the new space

You can find directions to the nearest pet relief areas by using our airport map.

Passengers who need special assistance may be able to have an aide, family member or other escort help them through the pre-board screening checkpoint and to their boarding gate.

Please contact your airline directly for more information about escort passes for parents of unaccompanied minors or those who need extra assistance.

Escort passes are issued by your airline upon check-in at the airport. If using online or mobile check-in, please proceed to your airline customer service counter at YEG to request an escort pass.

Escorts will need picture identification and will also be processed through pre-board screening.

We strive to ensure YEG is an Airport for Everyone!

Striving to be an Airport for Everyone

Partnering with A Barrier Free Committee

A welcoming and accessible space

Accessibility for you and your pet