YEG Stage – Live Music Program

Experience the best in local music!

We’re proud to showcase emerging musicians and provide them the stage to share their talent with the world. YEG was the first airport in Canada to launch a permanent live music program in 2004. YEG Stage celebrates local musicians, giving them an opportunity to share their music with a captivated audience, performing on stages at the airport. Their performances entertain passengers, visitors and airport team members.

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Call for Musicians – 2024/2025 Season

The submission process for interested musicians ran from May 3-24. YEG Stage invited musicians from around the region to submit their applications for the 2024/25 season. The YEG Stage panel, comprised of industry professionals, will choose 20 performers to be part of the year-long program to play live on stages in the airport regularly. Successful applicants will be contacted on June 11.

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YEG welcomes 20 performers into the program each year. The program runs for twelve months and started in June 2023. 

Stagehand are champions of the music industry. They provide the day-to-day scheduling and payment (app) platform for the musicians. Making it a seamless experience for our musicians to schedule when they play, what stage they play and how they receive payment. 

Yes! Artists can sell CDs and welcome tips from passengers, employees and visitors at YEG. Artists are asked not to sell additional merchandise. 

YEG is alive with music

YEG is proud to celebrate local artists and give them a chance to entertain our passengers and share their music with the world. You can enjoy a wide variety of tunes and musical genres at YEG. Visit the StageHand app for upcoming artist appearances.

Listen for live music at any of our 4 YEG Live Stages in the Domestic-International Departures Lounge:

  • Just after Central Security
  • Near gate 16
  • Near gate 56
  • Near gate 62

Visit the artist pages below to learn more about Edmonton’s vibrant music scene.

Our Artists

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