This page helps employers and employees at Edmonton International Airport (YEG) understand the process and begin the paperwork to get a security clearance.

Employee access passes

Security and safety are among the top priorities at YEG. With more than 300 companies and thousands of employees on site, security clearances are centrally managed by the Pass Control Office.

Required forms and identification

Requirements for applicants with past travel

Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit resources

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Employees who need a Transportation Security Clearance, Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) or Restricted Area Pass (RAP) should follow these basic steps:

  1. Book an appointment with the Pass Control Office
  2. Review and collect your required documents
  3. Review and fill out your required forms
  4. Bring your forms and documents to your appointment

The Pass Control Office reviews and collects your forms and information to send to Transport Canada for processing.

Who needs to book an appointment with Pass Control?

  • New applicants who do not hold any form of pass
  • Any pass holder exchanging a temporary pass (RAP) for a permanent one (RAIC)
  • Pass holders renewing their Transportation Security Clearance
  • Pass holders updating their RAIC information
  • Individuals requiring an Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit (AVOP) printed

How to book your appointment

All appointments for the Pass Control Office can be booked through our online system. For each appointment you will receive a confirmation email and reminder emails that will also allow you to cancel or reschedule appointment if required. For further assistance on our online system, check out our how-to-guide below.

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Walk-ins are not available at this time.

How to prepare for your appointment

  • Ensure that you have filled out the correct forms and documents
  • Ensure that your employer has signed all the required forms
  • Bring all your forms and documents to your appointment
  • Be prepared to have your photo taken

All applicants must submit the following for a security clearance:

  • Application for a Transportation Security Clearance (Online Application)
  • Edmonton Airport YEG Application
  • Review the Required Forms and Identification pdf to see which documents you should bring
  • Applicants who have spent time outside of Canada in the five (5) years preceding the date of their application will be required to submit supporting out-of-country documents (OOC) when they submit their application at the Pass Control Office. Please visit TSC Applications Guidelines for more information.

If the applicant is a minor

Applicants under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian present at the time of processing of the application. The applicant’s parent or legal guardian is required to bring a valid, Canadian government photo ID.

  • Your forms must be signed by a Requesting Officer from your employer
  • Work and study permits that are not open for work in Alberta will not be accepted
  • You may be required to provide additional information

Any person who has lost or had any of the following items stolen (RAIC, RAP, Prox Card or Key(s)) is required to report it immediately to the Pass Control Office and complete this pdf form.


Any person who requires access to the restricted areas at the Edmonton International Airport must apply for a valid Transportation Security Clearance (TSC).  All forms required to apply will be given to you by your employer.

Download and review this PDF.

Download and complete this PDF.

The first time that an employee applies for a Canada pass, a signing authority must submit, on company letter head, justification as to why the employee requires the Canada Pass, which locations they will be travelling to, how often and what duties they will be performing.

The employee must submit a Canada Pass application along with the letter of justification to the Pass Office for review and approval.

Canada Pass renewals only require the Canada Pass application form as long as the Transport Canada Security clearance is valid.

Download and complete this PDF. Must also include your government credential.

Download and complete this PDF.