Welcome to Airport City!

YEG is 1 of only 2 Canadian airports to be labeled an “airport city.”

Airport cities are urban developments at or next to airports. In addition to traditional aviation services, airport cities offer unique commercial, industrial/logistics, retail, entertainment and hospitality opportunities.


A unique home for your business

As Canada’s largest airport by landmass, we offer businesses unique leasing sites and business development opportunities. Your business can join one of these industries that already call Airport City home:

  • Aviation
  • Industry and logistics
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture

Top 10 reasons to locate your business at YEG Airport City

In addition to on-demand, 24/7/365 access to worldwide markets, this unique and strategic business location offers your company the following benefits:

  • A unique cluster of on-site amenities rarely seen in an industrial park — Outlet shopping, Costco and numerous entertainment options improve customer and staff experiences
  • Lower land costs
  • Lower real estate taxes
  • Less traffic congestion and improved highway access
  • Connectivity to public transportation
  • Permitting controlled by YEG and Leduc County — enables responsiveness so you’ll be in business faster
  • Dedicated, on-site emergency response (fire rescue and police patrols)
  • The land is zoned, serviced and immediately ready for development
  • Foreign Trade Zone benefits — fosters faster, more efficient and more economical shipping
  • A growing and vibrant community — your people and company will join an exciting new development during a time of exponential growth in the Capital Region