Travel advisories

Make sure you are aware of any natural disasters, political unrest or other travel issues before you travel abroad.

More tips to travel smart

  • Use your common sense: Before participating in any type of activity, ask yourself: “Would this be safe to do where I live?” If the answer is no, you probably should not participate in that activity. Use your common sense to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • ALWAYS trust your instincts: If going somewhere feels wrong, you should avoid it.
  • Confidence is key: A lack of confidence will affect alertness and you might freeze when you should be reacting quickly and instinctively. If you do not feel at ease with something, you will seem more nervous and may appear as an easy target for people with malicious intentions. Even if you are lost or are scared, try to maintain your confidence to avoid signalling distress to would-be attackers. If you do not look lost, chances are you will be left alone.