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In recognition of National Pet Day, we invited our employees to share photos of their furry family members with some fun facts about them, AND they did not disappoint. See the photos and fun facts here.

Travelling with pets

If you plan to travel with your pet or service animal, always contact your airline for their policies and procedures in advance of your travel.

To ensure the safety of other passengers and your pet, please review these helpful tips and links for travelling with animals.

Travelling with an animal through YEG? Here's what you need to know

Our Pet Policy ensures the comfort and safety of all users at Edmonton International Airport.

Please review and follow our policy if you plan to bring animals to YEG.

  1. Animals are only permitted out of their kennels when they are under the care and control of their owners and on a non-retractable leash of 4 feet or less
  2. Animals are not permitted in areas that sell food or beverages unless they are in a closed kennel, with the exception of certified service animals and police dogs
  3. Animals are not permitted on escalators or moving walkways, with the exception of certified service animals and police dogs
  4. Please keep your animal a respectable distance from certified service animals and police dogs. Ask permission of other dog owners or handlers before approaching
  5. Animal owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animal. Waste bags and cleaning supplies are available upon request at the Information Booth located on the Arrivals level across from Door 7
  6. YEG has three pet relief areas that are located outside of Door 1 by the pathway, across from Door 3 by the parkade and next to Door 10 by the mailboxes.  All areas offer pet waste bag dispensers and garbage cans
  7. All air carriers and agencies, such as US and Canada Customs have their own policies that must be followed both on the aircraft and in the above mentioned secure areas

Definitions for YEG Pet Policy

Certified Service Animal:

Specially trained animal that provides a distinct, trained service to an individual who would otherwise be limited in their ability to perform certain tasks. Service animals are on duty and do not socialize and interact with people other than their handler.

Therapy Animal:

Specially trained animal that provides psychological or physiological therapy to individuals other than their handlers; who are usually their owners. Unlike service animals, therapy animals are encouraged to socialize and interact with a variety of people while they’re on duty.

Comfort/Emotional Support Animal:

Animal accompanying a passenger as a means of emotional support. These animals do not have specific training. Must have an official letter from a medical professional.

Travelling Animal:

Approved animal travelling with a passenger in aircraft cabin in its own carry kennel or as checked baggage. Restrictions and policies are determined by air carriers and agencies.

Other Pets:

Family pets brought to the terminal to greet passengers on Arrivals or Departures.

When going through security, please:

  • Remove your pet from its carrying case and send the carrying case through the screening equipment
  • Hold your pet in your arms and proceed through the metal detector
  • Take your pet out of its cage or carrier if it is being transported in the belly of the aircraft.  A screening officer will screen the cage or carrier separately
  • Be responsible for your pet and its behaviour throughout the screening process

You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet or service animal.

YEG has three pet relief areas outside on the Arrivals Level:

  • head north out Door 1 by the pathway
  • across from Door 3 by the parkade
  • head south out Door 10 by the mailboxes

All three areas offer pet waste bag dispensers and garbage cans.

YEG has one pet relief room inside the terminal in the Domestic/International Departures Lounge:

  • pet relief room is located between Gate 52 and Gate 54
  • the room has artificial turf, a hose for cleaning, pet waste bag dispensers and a garbage can
  • see below for images of the new space

You can find directions to the nearest pet relief areas by using our airport map.

Shipping an animal as cargo

If you are planning on shipping an animal as cargo, without accompanying it yourself, you can contact Executive Flight Centre to arrange this.

Picking up an animal from cargo


To pick up an animal arriving into YEG as cargo on a domestic flight, pick up your pet at one of the air carrier companies listed below. These are located off-terminal.


To pick up a pet arriving into YEG as cargo on an international flight, please proceed to the appropriate air carrier company located off-terminal (addresses below) to pick up your paperwork and documentation.

The paperwork must then be cleared by Canada Border Services Agency in one of the following two ways:

  1. Visit the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Commercial Office at 100, 1727 35 Avenue East between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm (Monday – Friday).
  2. To clear the paperwork outside the above hours of operation, proceed to the CBSA Office located in the Terminal Building on the south end of the Arrivals level near Door 10.

When your paperwork is cleared, you may return to the air carrier and pick up your pet.

Executive Flight Centre handles live cargo for the following airlines. If you are picking up a pet that is arriving on one of these airlines, contact Executive Flight Centre above.

NEW! Pet relief room

Located inside the terminal in the Domestic/International Departures Lounge.