Enjoy a smooth connection
through YEG

These tips will help you connect to your flight and enjoy your time passing through Edmonton International Airport.

How to check your connecting flight

  • Review the flight information screens – look for your connecting flight information on the monitors throughout the Arrivals Lounge.
  • Check your flight online – visit our departures page to find the gate and departing time of your flight
  • Ask an airline attendant for assistance

Special deals for connecting passengers

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US Connections

Domestic passengers (flights from within Canada) connecting to US destinations will enjoy simple and speedy transfers through US Connections.

Canadian passengers with boarding passes and baggage tags connecting to the US can follow the signs and proceed directly to their connecting flights through the US Connections security station at US Customs.

Your bags will be transferred directly to the US baggage room for security screening and loading onto your US connecting flight.

This map shows you how to get from your domestic (Canadian) flight to US Connections:

US Connections Map

International connections

If you are connecting with the same airline or have checked baggage through to your final destination, stay in the Domestic/International Departures Lounge.

Take a moment to find your connecting gate, and then enjoy our restaurants and services.