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Where to park and wait when you are picking up or dropping off

Dropping someone off

How nice of you to chauffeur your friends and loved ones to the airport! Drop them off curbside on the upper ramp on Departures Level 2.

There are six entrances along the Departures Level, with access to different airlines.

View the list below to find the location and door of your airline’s check-in desk.

Door 25 & 26

  • Air North
  • Central Mountain Air
  • KLM
  • Sunwing
  • Northwestern Air Lease
  • Flair
  • Lynx
  • Summit Air

Door 27

  • Canadian North
  • WestJet (Canada/International (except US))

Door 28

  • Air Canada (Canada/International)

Door 29

  • Condor
  • Porter
  • Swoop (Canada/International)
  • Swoop (US)

Door 30 (US Flights)

  • Alaska Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • WestJet (US)
  • Flair (US)
  • Air Canada (US)

Short-term parking

For security reasons, vehicles cannot be left unattended in front of the terminal. Vehicles left unattended on the curb will be ticketed and may be towed.

If you need to leave your vehicle while dropping someone off, you can park in Easy Parkade for up to 10 minutes with no charge, or pay for parking by the half-hour.

Picking someone up

The passenger loading area is on the lower level on Arrivals.

You have three options for parking and waiting for arriving passengers:

  1. Park and pay at curbside parking stalls
  2. Pay parking at Easy Parkade
  3. Park and wait for free using the Cell Phone Waiting Lot

Curbside paid parking

Curbside parking stalls are available for convenient passenger pick-up. Parking is ticketless. Enter your parking stall number at one of the five pay stations. Curbside parking is $4.00 for the first 10 minutes and $4.00 for each additional 5 minutes, to a maximum of 20 minutes. Payment can be made via coin, cash or credit card.

Easy Parkade

If you want to leave your vehicle to greet your arriving passenger, park in Easy Parkade for up to 10 minutes with no charge or pay for parking by the half-hour.

Park and wait for free in the Cell Phone Waiting Lot

It can be tough to predict how long it will take a passenger to land, gather luggage and clear customs.

If you are picking someone up from the airport, you can park and wait for free up to 45 minutes at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot at jetSet Parking.

How it works:

  • Access the jetSet Parking lot from Airport Road, near the terminal
  • Enter the selfPark entrance and take a ticket
  • You can wait for 45 minutes with no charge
  • Have your passenger call or notify you when they are ready for pick-up
  • Exit the lot within 45 minutes
  • Travel to the terminal, and meet your passenger in the Passenger Loading Zone

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