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YEG supports economic prosperity and sustainability

Edmonton International Airport is a self-funded, not-for-profit corporation whose mandate is to drive economic prosperity for the Edmonton Region. YEG is Canada’s fifth-busiest airport by passenger traffic and the largest major Canadian airport by land area. YEG is a major economic driver, with an economic output of over C$3.2 billion, supporting over 26,000 jobs. Over the last few years YEG has supported over $1.3 billion in investment.

Airport City Sustainability Campus

Airport City Sustainability Campus is a growing hub of transportation, logistics shopping and tourism-focused developments. Development of Airport City has attracted $1.3B in investment between 2015-2021. This includes signature developments such as Century Mile Race Track and Casino, Red Tail Golf Course, as well as shopping at the Premium Outlet Collection, major cargo and transportation partners and light manufacturing facilities under development.

Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre

At YEG, sustainability and innovation are part of the way we do business. The Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre (AATC) is an aerospace training hub at Airport City Sustainability Campus dedicated to improving flight safety through synthetic flight training, research and innovation to support regional economic prosperity.

AATC extends the Airport City Sustainability Campus for trialling and advancing emerging technologies across key industry sectors.

Villeneuve Airport (ZVL)

Villeneuve is an important strategic asset for our region. It generates more than $60M in economic impact annually and supports several hundred jobs. It is a general aviation airport that support flight training opportunities and offers flexible space for aviation innovations.