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Facility Alteration Permits (FAP) process

The Facility Alteration Permits (FAP) process reviews all proposed construction and development to ensure work doesn’t harm airport operations or infrastructure.

No construction or demolition work can occur at Edmonton International Airport or Villeneuve Airport without an approved permit, and any work without an approved permit may be shut down.

For information or assistance contact Technical Services.

Any work that may impact existing airport infrastructure will require review by Edmonton Airports.

A FAP – Development permit is required for a new development, addition or major renovation to an existing building, change in use of a building in occupancy, site stripping or creation of a stockpile.  Edmonton Airports is the Authority Having Jurisdiction for development at EIA.

A FAP – Construction permit is required when changes or improvements are made to infrastructure owned by or leased from EIA at both Edmonton International and Villeneuve Airports. Leduc County (EIA) and Sturgeon County (Villeneuve) are the Authorities Having Jurisdiction for work under the Alberta Safety Code.  They will not provide approval without an approved FAP – Construction from EIA.

For more information on the approval process or excluded developments, contact Technical Services.

All parties, whether they are tenants on an Edmonton Airports site, an agent of the Airport, or a third party working on Airport lands need to apply. The Applicant may be the contractor doing the work, the corporation for whom the work is being done for, or an outside representative acting on behalf of the corporation.

If the Applicant is not the Owner of the property, you will have to provide the name and contact information of the Owner or Primary Lease Holder.

Authentication of drawings by a Professional

In general FAP applications will require drawings completed by a professional (engineer, architect or both) and the continued involvement of the professional in the inspection of construction as mandated by the Alberta Building Code, and/or Architects Act and/or the Engineering and Geosciences Professions Act of Alberta.  Both permit submissions and project record drawings are required to be authenticated. online.flippingbook.com

To avoid processing delays ensure that applications are complete including drawings authenticated by the appropriate professional(s).

Fill out our online application form. Use the guest credentials below.

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Make sure you provide all the required documents to avoid any delays.

Most permits take five (5) working days to process, but complex projects or applications without proper supporting documentation will take longer.

We do charge a fee to process FAPs, using PayPal as an easy and secure way to pay the fee.

Your PayPal payment confirmation number will be required on your application form. Our staff and agents need only provide a project number or responsibility centre on the application form.

Fees and payment

Project Value Permit Fee:

  • Greater than $1 million: $1500
  • $10,000 to $1 million: $500
  • Less than $10,000: $75

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