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ZVL History

Edmonton Airports has owned and operated Villeneuve Airport (VA) since 2000. ZVL was built by Transport Canada in 1976 as an airport for flight training and recreational aircraft activity in the region. The NAV Canada air traffic control tower was built in 1982. As part of the National Airports Policy the federal government sold ZVL to Edmonton Airports in 2000. Since this time Edmonton Airports has invested in its continued maintenance and expansion.

Villeneuve Airport has 2 runways that have been refurbished or extended to accommodate additional traffic and bigger aircraft.

Runway 16-34 and the Main Apron were rehabilitated in 2005 and Runway 08-26 and Taxiway Bravo was reconstructed in 2006. Runway 08-26 was extended from 3500 to 5000 feet with the addition of the ILS in 2013.