Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a federal offence

Laser Strike Safety

Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a federal offence. Pointing a laser at an aircraft can temporarily blind the pilots and put people on board at serious risk.

Intentionally shining a laser at an aircraft distracts the pilot and interferes with their ability to safely land.

If you are convicted of intentionally interfering with an aircraft by using a laser, you could face up to $100,000 in fines and/or up to five years in prison.

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) and Villeneuve Airport (ZVL) are vigilant in promoting a safe environment for travellers and aviation personnel. We track information on the frequency and location of laser strikes and share information with the RCMP and Transport Canada.

If you see someone pointing a laser at an aircraft, report it immediately to the local police.

Lasers for Astronomy and Light Shows

If you plan on using lasers for astronomy or for the purpose of laser light shows and it will be aimed into navigable airspace, you must get permission from Transport Canada.