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Enjoy a short story before you take to the skies

Looking for some literature while you loiter?  Located on Departures level across from Gate 64, you will find a tall, thin short story dispenser that prints out free 1 or 5 minute stories on a piece of paper much like an ATM receipt.

These story machines help you stay entertained at YEG while supporting local and international talent.

Our short story machine features about 100 local authors, whose work is also showcased in dispensers around the world. You can also enjoy writings by authors from top travel destinations such as the Netherlands, Iceland, London and France.

The short story machine is located on Departures level across from Gate 64.

What’s the story behind the dispenser?

France-based company Short Édition developed the short story dispensers to raise literary awareness and encourage emerging and new writers.

YEG was the first airport in North America and second in the world to offer passengers this unique reading opportunity.

If you’d like one of your stories considered for the short story dispenser, please email