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Safety is our priority

The safety of our passengers, tenants, staff and contractors is a primary focus for YEG.

Please review these guidelines, requirements and forms before beginning any construction or maintenance in the terminal or around the airport.

If emergency repairs are needed, please call:

All other regular maintenance or construction work should proceed as follows.


Start here

  1. Review the Maintenance Advisory Form on our Infrastructure forms page to guide you through the necessary processes required before starting work.
  2. Do you need or have your Facility Alteration Permit? No construction or demolition work can be done on any EA site without an approved permit, and any work found being conducted without an approved permit may be shut down.
  3. Review our general requirements, below.

General requirements

These general requirements ensure the safety of our passengers, tenants and staff. They also ensure any work is compliant with our existing systems.

*New*: Impact Assessment Act

August 28, 2019, the Federal Government enacted the Impact Assessment Act (IAA). The IAA affects project permitting at YEG and may impose timing requirements. All projects require assessment prior to FAP application. See below for more information.

Safety, environment and security



Impact Assessment Act

Safety, environment and security

We ensure that the safety and security of our customers, staff, facilities and environment is a primary concern in all aspects of doing business. Your work may require that you follow some or all components of our Environment and Safety Management program or our Construction Security Plan.

There may be a requirement for you to contact our Emergency Response Services if conducting certain activities.  Our Hot Works Operations guidelines will give you more details.


Edmonton Airports owns many of the utilities on site. In order to maintain service levels and safety at the airport, we have requirements that need to be met before tying into any of our systems. Access our infrastructure forms to gain access to these standards.

We also have specific requirements for the fire suppression system. Learn more about the fire alarm system alteration process and procedure.


As a responsible site manager, Edmonton Airports is required to maintain current records of all work that occurs on any of the sites. All work that is approved will be required to provide record drawings and approvals received from the Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Here is a document of Facility Alteration Permit deliverables we may require to be submitted for construction and maintenance projects.

Have questions?

Any project queries requiring Facility Maintenance resource support or review require a minimum of 48 hours notice. A service request will be generated and followed up by the Facilities Maintenance Planning department.

Regular hours:

  • 7:30 am–4:00 pm
  • Monday–Friday

For after hours emergency requests, please contact:

*New*: Impact Assessment Act

What you need to know

On August 28, 2019, the Federal Government enacted the Impact Assessment Act (IAA). As YEG is located on federal lands, the new regulation applies to all projects at YEG. Similar to previous legislation, Edmonton Airports completes environmental impact assessments on all projects.

The legislation can impose minimum timing requirements on project assessments to be conducted before a project is authorized to proceed. There is potential for certain projects to require a minimum 30-day public consultation period, dependent on characteristics and parameters of a project. Most projects at YEG will not require the 30-day public posting, however to prevent delays we recommended requesting an assessment 60-days in advance of your Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) application date.

To request an assessment for an upcoming project, please contact EA through Based on project scope, we will identify information needed to proceed with the assessment.  EA will provide results within 5 business days and an assessment completion number (ACN) will be created, which will be linked to future FAP’s for the project. A current ACN must be included in all FAP applications, as of March 2, 2020.

For further information, please contact The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada maintains guidance materials and legislation on their website at