broken clouds

Aerial depictions of Central Alberta’s canola fields grace two wood and fabric Bellanca Cruisemaster wings, rising from the floor of the domestic departures level.

Wings by David Janzen

  • Collection Signature Collection
  • Location of Work Gate 70, Departures Level 2
  • Creation Date 2000
  • Installation Date 2000
  • Medium Painted Aircraft Wings

ArtistDavid Janzen

David Janzen is an Edmonton artist who studied painting and drawing at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. Since 1990, he has depicted a wide range of technological devices and forms of ’engineered still life‘, frequently against a clear sky backdrop. His paintings use natural history as a scenic foil for visual descriptions of human activity, and are often a matter-of-fact account of our desensitization to boundless settlement and ’progress‘.

After living in Calgary for 22 years, David returned to Edmonton in 2001. He occupies a studio in the McCauley district and works part-time as an art facilitator and exhibition coordinator at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts.

Hometown: Edmonton, AB