scattered clouds

Designed and created by artist Leigh Wright, Founder and Co-Producer of the Vignettes Design Series, this piece was constructed to honour the repopulation of Alberta’s bison. The Bison is made from all-natural and reclaimed materials including bark, moss, succulents, and wheat.

The Bison by Leigh Wright

  • Collection Partnership Collection
  • Location of Work Edmonton, AB
  • Creation Date 2018
  • Installation Date 2018
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ArtistLeigh Wright

Wright is known for creating large-scale art installations in partnership with other noteworthy artists. He takes pride in using a collaborative approach to each and every art piece he makes.

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Wright was named one of Edmonton’s 2017 Top 40 Under 40 for his work in the arts community and for the co-production of the Vignettes Design Series. Along with his creative partner and wife, Victoria, he hopes to travel the world with his family and create amazing work together for all to enjoy.

The Vignettes Design Series is an art and design festival showcasing the work and talent of Edmonton’s creative communities, transforming untapped spaces into interactive and experiential pop up galleries.

Materials & Community Sponsors: Cloverdale Paint, Relic Woodworks (reclaimed bark); Two Buds Floral (wheat, moss, succulents, straw), Ackard Construction, Revington Renovations, Rivercity Tile Company, RAD Originals, Mojo Design Inc.

Hometown: Edmonton, AB