Keith designed these glass umbrellas to appeal to the viewer’s sense of adventure and fantasy, waking the child in all of us.

With their elegantly curled handles and gracefully balanced tips, these are parasols fit for any Cinderella; serving as a perfect match for the famous glass shoe.

These umbrellas are part of Keith’s Skill Saw Umbrella Series, inspired by inanimate objects becoming animate.

  • Collection Partnership Collection
  • Location of Work US Departures Lounge
  • Creation Date 2011
  • Installation Date 2011
  • Medium Blown Glass
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Keith Walker

Keith Walker’s glass practice began at Glass Happens Studio in Edmonton, and he gained further experience volunteering at the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, attending the Pittsburgh Glass Centre, and collaborating with other glass artists on a variety of projects.

Keith’s first public art commission was a permanent blown glass installation suspended from the ceiling at The Central Lions Senior Recreation Centre in Edmonton. Keith teaches at Blow In the Dark Glassworks in Edmonton, which also serves as his studio.

Hometown: Edmonton, AB