“I was carving free form, and I really wanted to explore a carving with height,” says Jason. “I was working on a stone and, all of a sudden, I stood back and there was a rabbit ear.

I later discovered that Nanabozho is one of many characters in Cree folklore elders use to teach children about morality and reason.

Nanabozho can become whatever he needs to be to get whatever he wants. He meddles, he taunts, he tricks. He competed continuously with his brother Peepawkowis, bringing the change of seasons.”

Nanabozho: The Trickster Rabbit by Jason Carter

  • Collection Partnership Collection
  • Location of Work Arts District Corridor
  • Creation Date 2012
  • Installation Date 2012
  • Medium Soapstone
  • Website


Celebrated for both his soapstone and canvas, Jason Carter is one of Edmonton’s most accomplished and prolific artists. He illustrated the children’s book Who is Boo: The Terrific Tales of One Trickster Rabbit, published in April 2011, and the Royal Alberta Museum displayed the book’s art for three months. Jason was the only artist to have a feature show at Alberta House on Alberta Day at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Hometown: Edmonton, AB