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If you are flying out of Edmonton International Airport, there are several steps you can take to be ready for your journey.  

  • Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure   
  • Bring a face mask – it’s required inside the terminal at key points along your journey (airline check-in, central security and boarding your aircraft).
  • Facial coverings that are not permitted: 
    • face coverings with exhalation valves or vents 
    • bandanas and neck gaiters 
    • militaristic masks such as gas masks 
    • face coverings that cover the entire face 
  • If you’re picking up or dropping off passengers, you are now permitted to go inside the terminal 
  • Consider using a digital mobile boarding pass to limit your contact with physical objects in the airport  
  • Wash your hands. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the airport and refilled regularly 
  • When travelling to another country from Canada, it is important to check airline and country requirements for Covid testing requirements and restrictions for that destination. We have gathered many links for you to learn the current testing requirements at your end destination. Visit



Parking and transportation 

EIA has several options for transportation.  

  • Book online for various parking options at EIA itself 
  • JetSet parking is available in its new location 
  • The 747 Edmonton Transit bus is available. Schedule and rate information can be found online via the City of Edmonton. 
  • The on-airport transit now operates as an on-demand service and not a regular route. If you need transportation between the terminal building and another facility on airport property, please call 780-890-8983.  

Temperature screening at security 

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) will be checking the temperature of all passengers and staff who want to cross through a security checkpoint. 

Anyone with a temperature of 38 degrees and above will be asked to wait and then have a second check done 10 minutes later. If the second check shows an elevated reading, the person will not be allowed through the checkpoint and will not be allowed to return for 14 days. 

If a person fails to pass the temperature screening, they will need a medical certificate stating their elevated temperature was not because of COVID-19 before they are allowed through the checkpoint over the next 14 days. A negative COVID test does not qualify as medical clearance. 

The temperature screening will be conducted with a touchless hand-held device. If a person requests additional privacy for the temperature check, they will be taken to an area with additional privacy. 

For more information please visit the CATSA website.​ 

Shops and Dining 

Several retail shops, restaurants and concessions have changed their hours of operation. Find the latest information on what’s open at EIA. You are permitted to take your food and drinks, including alcoholic drinks, to your gate location for eating.