Rob Bennett, MBA

Rob Bennett is the President and CEO of the Alberta Safety Codes Council. The regulator plays a key role to ensure structures and systems are designed and built safely, and delivers programs under the Safety Codes Act on behalf of the Province of Alberta. In the private sector Rob was the founder of Melo Technology and was a Senior Financial Services Executive. He maintains strong experiences in financial services, start-up, scale-up, SaaS implementations, and strategic execution. For Melo’s clients in Canada and the U.S., Rob developed and delivered overall business strategies and implementation including but not limited to go to market, business development and relationship commerce strategies. Working with multiple service providers including large banks, financial intermediaries, business associations/chambers, media, government, and non-profits on behalf of Melo’s clients, he oversaw strategic negotiations with suppliers, large financial services companies and intermediaries. Recently, Melo led the launch of a SaaS digital marketing and philanthropic platform in two major US markets.

Rob is a Board member with the Edmonton Capital Region United Way and  Chair of the Community Investment Committee. Rob also serves on the JR Shaw School of Business Program Advisory Committee.  Rob holds an MBA from Queen’s University where he remains class president, and a major in Law from the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University.