Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still celebrates the effect of colour, the seasons, and the ever-present landscape of the North Saskatchewan River, which both bisects and connects the city of Edmonton.

The juxtapositions of urban and rural, texture and atmosphere all contribute to a dynamic interpretation of cultural and geographic diversity.

This beautiful mixed media art spans 30 feet with thousands of mosaic tesserae (tiles) in vivid hues representing transitions in time and place. Tiles representing the North Saskatchewan River flow past models of familiar downtown Edmonton landmarks, while the scale and spectrum of all four seasons come to life through colour and texture.

Six people worked full-time on this piece, assisted by seven others, laying every one of the 3000 to 4000 tiles individually on each panel. The tiles include many different types of glass, unglazed porcelain, glazed ceramic, crockery, fine china, millefiori (a type of Venetian glass), beads and gold. Most of the smalti (a type of opaque glass tile) comes from a factory built solely to make smalti for a Basilica in St.Louis, Missouri, home to one of the largest mosaic installations in the world. The smalti used in Erin’s mosaic are leftovers from that project.

  • Collection Signature Collection
  • Location of Work Arts District Corridor
  • Creation Date 2011
  • Installation Date 2011
  • Medium Various Glass Tiles
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ArtistErin Pankratz

As a multi-disciplined artist, Erin Pankratz has spent nearly a decade developing her skills and creating a supportive community of colleagues. With a background in dance, Erin trained at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and went on to study at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Carving a new path in the visual arts, she established her own mosaic tile business, supplying both education and materials to artists across North America.

Mosaic is Erin’s current medium of expression and she considers art a practice that intersects every aspect of our existence and a way of articulating the subjective human voice.

Hometown: Edmonton, AB