Canadian Pride is a large scale work of art created with ball point pens on cotton paper by local artist Ted Flower.

It hung in our airport until July, 2017 as the first stop on a tour across Canada in support of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Canadian Pride by Ted Flower

  • Collection Partnership Collection
  • Location of Work Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) Baggage Hall
  • Creation Date 2016
  • Installation Date 2017
  • Medium Ink on Cotton Paper

ArtistTed Flower

Raised in rural Alberta west of Edmonton, Ted Flower started creating art with ballpoint pens at the age of 12. As money was scarce, Ted was unable to access any formal training to develop his unique interest and skill. Instead, he focused on finding employment as soon as he was able and with whomever he could. As a result, Ted has gained experience in many different fields, including chainsaw operation and demolition and hazardous material management. However, despite lacking formal training, Ted diligently refined his skill, setting aside whatever time he could spare to work on his art. It is through this determination and passion that Edmontonians and people from all around the world get to take in this incredible piece. Ted’s Canadian Pride will create a lasting legacy for the artist’s role in celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday.

Ted generously donated the sale and any reproductions of Canadian Pride to Edmonton’s Food Bank to help in their effort to ensure that individuals and families have access to nutritious and appropriate food in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Canadian Pride took Ted five-and-a-half years to complete (3,712 hours), using 115 ballpoint pens.

Hometown: Edmonton, AB