Central Security Upgrades

Security and safety always have to be top priorities for an airport, but it is also important to make travel as pleasant and easy as possible. So YEG made an investment with both safety and the travel experience in mind and renovated its Central Security screening area for domestic and international travellers. Federal partners installed CATSA Plus, a screening system that enhances security effectiveness while providing a more pleasant travel experience. YEG created the necessary larger pre-screening area at Central Security, and also added some features to improve the overall experience. faster, smarter and easier.

EIA’s upgrades include:

  • A 280 per cent larger area with a secure entrance designed to accommodate current and future technologies
  • YEG concierges located at “Egates” and inside the entrance portal to direct passengers to appropriate queues
  • Two new private search rooms
  • New directional screens within the entrance portal
  • Additional queue space inside the security checkpoint to accommodate growth and peak departure times
  • A redesigned entrance portal, with frosted glass walls designed to be reminiscent of Alberta’s mountainous and tree-filled landscape. The entrance is highly visible to assist travellers in locating security
  • Upgraded disposal stations for liquids, aerosols and gels, which are now inside the screening area to allow passengers to dispose of liquids more quickly. The stations are also outfitted with plumbing systems to be more sanitary than previous systems

More information about CATSA Plus is available at:

Central Security at YEG new e-gates and portal

Newly built Central Security portal with e-gates.