What is the Airport Improvement Fee?

Passengers departing YEG pay an Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) of $35. This fee is included in the price of airline tickets. The AIF funds air terminal redevelopment projects like terminal and runway expansion that accommodate Edmonton’s growing demand for air travel.

The following passengers are exempt from the fee:

  • Children under 2
  • Aircraft crew on duty
  • Airline staff traveling on business
  • In-transit passengers remaining on board an aircraft
  • Passengers connecting within four hours for domestic/transborder flights (24 hours for international flights)

Why do passengers pay the AIF?

Canadian airports operate as not-for-profit corporations and do not receive government funding for day-to-day operations. The Airport Improvement Fee helps fund important infrastructure improvements for safety, as well as help fund construction projects designed to benefit passengers, the community and accommodate growth.

Past examples of projects funded by the AIF include the 2012 expansion of the main terminal building to handle more growth and allow YEG to attract and handle more flights. Ongoing safety work includes runway and apron maintenance as well as other infrastructure improvements to keep our airport running smoothly and efficiently for airlines and passengers.