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Edmonton International Airport Aerial Photo

In this time of travel restrictions, physical distancing and health concerns, EIA continues to stay open for critical and essential travel.

While we’re not encouraging travellers to get on a plane, there are many important reasons for air service to remain available for the public. Edmonton is 300 kilometres away from the next closest major centre and days away from central Canada by vehicle. Air travel is a necessity not a luxury for our community. Whether it’s urgent travel to care for a family member, essential cargo flights keeping our region and northern Canada supplied or facilitating emergency medical flights, EIA is putting safety first while ensuring our airport is there for our community in this time of need.

EIA remains open for domestic air travel and will have one flight, four times a week, available for essential travel to the United States ensuring passengers can still connect to their loved ones and businesses during this time.

We will continue to work closely with all levels of government and health authorities to ensure the safety and security of passengers and our airport community. Please visit to learn the latest information about changes taking place and what we’ve done as an airport.

We miss travel, like so many of you as well, and there will be a time for that again in the future. Until then, we encourage you to fly only for essential travel needs.

Stay home, stay safe. In time, when the skies open for all our passengers, we’ll continue to deliver on our brand promise as we have for many years we’ll move you.