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Be a Wildlife Watcher! Help us end the Illegal Wildlife Trade

EIA and Air Canada are proud signatories of the Buckingham Palace Declaration to stop the illegal wildlife trade and protect endangered species. We pledge to protect illegal wildlife from being brought into Canada. The Buckingham Palace Declaration is a landmark agreement committing to take real steps to shut down the routes exploited by traffickers of the illegal wildlife trade. The declaration takes steps to remove the vulnerabilities in transportation and customs to tackle the criminals currently exploiting them. We are pleased to collaborate to improve awareness of what can be brought into Canada and educate you on the cause.

Air Canada is dedicated to combatting the illegal wildlife trade

As a signatory to the Buckingham Palace Declaration and certified in Illegal wildlife trade, Air Canada hosted a virtual forum on Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) in Canada’s Transportation industry in March of 2021. Their goal was to raise awareness about the illegal wildlife trade in Canada and around the world. The forum featured a host of prominent international speakers and subject matter experts, including Michael Rousseau, President and Chief executive Officer of Air Canada, The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Dr. Jane Goodall. To learn more about Air Canada’s efforts and watch the forum, click here.

EIA Efforts

Education and awareness are key. Watch for special messaging in the terminal and on our social media to help educate you on what can be brought back into Canada. That coral you picked up when snorkelling or souvenir turtle from a market could cause a fine and contribute to businesses that are exploiting endangered wildlife. There are many items made from animals or plants that should not be brought back. Be a Wildlife Watcher – take a picture instead and leave nature in its place. Help stop the illegal wildlife trade and do your part to protect endangered species.

EIA will also be working with our cargo community to implement awareness and education on how to stop the illegal wildlife trade.  Tools will be shared on how to monitoring shipments from known areas of Illegal wildlife trade and identify suspect shipments.


Some plants and animal products are allowed. Find out what the restrictions are here.

Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is a treaty protecting wild plants or animals. It sets controls on international trade so that the species are not harmed. CITES protection applies to endangered animals and plants in any form. Check before you travel what is allowed. Find out more here.

Together, we can all make a difference.