Global sustainability challenge flies into EIA

KLM stages special flight to highlight greener aviation processes

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has been chosen by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as the host airport for a unique long-haul flight designed to call attention to making aviation a greener and more sustainable industry.



Initiated by a group of enthusiastic KLM employees Sustainability presents a new frontier for aviation. Focus will be on an everyday, commercially scheduled service.
The climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing our industry and there’s no time to lose. Airlines need to reshape the future of air travel for generations to come.


Together, airlines are committed to further reducing our carbon footprint by finding new ways to:


  • Cut emissions
  • Make our fleets more efficient and
  • Better care for the world we connect

Challenge will be evaluated based on four categories:


  •  Impact
  • Innovation
  • Scalability and cooperation


Fuel and efficiency


The two most effective ways of reducing CO2 emissions are:


  • Fleet renewal
  • The use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

Reduced Weight

  • Advance meal selection and
  • AI modeling to predict inflight water requirements Plus, fully vegan meals were served!


  • Passengers were provided with information on how they can travel more sustainably by supporting the CO2ZERO compensation program or by contributing to SAF

Direct Route

  • Pilots worked with air traffic controllers to fly the most efficient route, avoiding the detours that flights often face

Loading and cargo

  • Loading ensured the best centre of gravity, improving aerodynamics and generating fuel savings from 1.5 to 2%
  • Cargo was stacked on lighter pallets and secured with lighter nets
  • Transport companies used vehicles powered by electricity or biodiesel

Edmonton international airport



  • Use of Electric Forklift for cargo handling from Executive Flight Centre
  • Zero-emission electric cargo van to transport supplies and support with movement of freight from Machool Logistics


  •  All cargo warehouse lights changed to LEDs with Braden Burry Expediting


  • Overhead cargo warehouse doors close automatically after 30 seconds to retain heat with Braden Burry Expediting

Better Plastic

  • Use of sustainable 100% biodegradable plastic wrap for cargo from BioNatur Plastics

klm flags



50+ existing and new measures involving all KLM divisions Key partners:



  • Preparing and signing of the Special Sustainability Memorandum of Understanding between KLM and EIA including a welcome media event at the terminal


  • Coordinating sustainable transportation between the air terminal and evening reception with electric Edmonton Transit Service bus and Tesla transportation

Sustainable Reception

  • Low-carbon impact menu in partnership with the Fairmont Macdonald and Pei pes show: Delicious, locally sourced and vegetarian
  • Carbon neutral event through Explore Edmonton Offsetters’ Program and Wild+Pine offset

Virtual Trees

  • Each guest will receive a virtual tree from Wild+Pine, a tenant and EIA partner in reforestation

Better Straws

  • Plant Plus Straws made from agriculture by-products provided by an EIA tenant and partner offering an innovative, dedicated, and mindful source for eco-friendly packaging

No Waste

  • All center pieces, decorations and name tags will be reused
  • TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Boxes ensure everything that can be recycled – even hard-to-process items.
  • All events featured reduced and minimal plastic and paper using digital signage


  • Special indigenous representation (blessing by local Elder) and entertainment (Warrior Women)


  • AERIUM Analytics
  • Belgian Beer Cafe
  • BioNatur Plastics
  • BBE Expediting Ltd
  • The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • The City of Edmonton – Edmonton Transit Service
  • City Lines Ltd
  • Dexterra
  • Dutch Western Canada Connection (DWCC)
  • Executive Flight Centre
  • The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald
  • Foundry events
  • Gate Gourmet
  • Garda Security
  • Gruvpix
  • Kuehne and Nagel
  • Machool Logistics
  • Menzies  
  • Offsetters’ – Explore Edmonton
  • Plant Plus 
  • Prestige Limousine
  • Rosenau Transport 
  • Swissport
  • Terracycle 
  • Warrior Women 
  • Westin
  • Wild + Pine Sustainability

To read the news release on the exciting event, please visit flyeia.com/Global-Sustainability.