Happy National Pet Day!

In recognition of National Pet Day, we invited our employees to share photos of their furry family members with some fun facts about them, AND they did not disappoint. Why are we doing this? As we work towards our goal of being an airport for everyone, we wanted to be sure to include the entire family, especially the furriest members of your family! Although, we’re pretty sure you couldn’t bring a donkey on a plane.

Traveling with pets? Here’s some helpful tips

Employee Pet Photo Album_Zoey

What’s up?! Aren’t I cute?  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Willow Pedro Hemingway

Top to bottom:  

Willow – Age 14 

Pedro – Age 9 

Hemmingway – Age 5 

This picture was taken 3 years ago when working in the kitchen and went to get something upstairs and found our animals sitting like this on the stairs.  Pedro (middle) had a guilty look on his face, as usual!  Willow (top) is our senior citizen, but is the most playful out of the bunch and her tail was wagging so fast that it’s barely visible in the picture.   

Employee Pet Photo Album_Jack

He’s a big, goofy gentle giant. 

Employee Pet Photo Album_Bender

The current favourite. Although he still doesn’t pay rent, even though it’s been requested.

Employee Pet Photo Album_Kitty Daisy

Kitty and Daisy do not like loud noises but love tuna fish!  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Kane

He is named after my favorite hockey player – who does NOT play for the Edmonton Oilers :)  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Mocha

Mocha came all the way from Korea to Canada!  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Maggie

She is 16 years old and she was in her pawrents wedding party!  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Bandit

This sweet girl is named Bandit. This is how she greets her pawrent when she comes home. 

Employee Pet Photo Album_Cherri

This is Cherri she loves watermelon and sunbathing. 

Employee Pet Photo Album_Roxy

This is sweet Roxy. She is 16 years old.  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Piper

This is Piper. She is 9 and from Mexico.  She was rescued from the streets at a few months old and sent to a foster home in Edmonton which is how she found her way to her mom. Piper’s favorite things are visits with Grandma, her hedgehog stuffy and car rides.

Fun Fact: Piper’s favorite song is “All I Wanna Do” by Sugarland. She sings along Every. Single. Time. 

Employee Pet Photo Album_Jimmy

This is Jimmy. He is a 5 year old Chiweenie. Chiweenies are a mix of Chihuahua and Daschund. Jimmy’s favorite things are his Mom, sleeping in the sun, sleeping in front of the fireplace, sleeping under any blankets he can find, and snuggling. 

This is Heidi. Heidi is a 2 year old miniature Daschund. Heidi’s favorite things are playing with other dogs, snuggling, giving kisses and getting treats. Heidi’s nickname is Noodles because her body is so long. When she wags her tail she is like a wiggly little noodle.  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Archer

Archer came from a working Alberta cattle farm and now treats his cat roommate like a very tiny cow to be herded.  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Heikki

Just too cute for words.

Employee Pet Photo Album_Molly

Molly’s full name is actually Molly Penelope/Penny Victoria Ophilia Winwood. She loves a chin scratch and has a funny quirk where she MUST be touching one of us when she’s on the couch. She always has to be pressed up against one of us.  

Employee Pet Photo Album_Capone

Simply the best.

Employee Pet Photo Album_Prada

Such a good girl.

Employee Pet Photo Album_MochaB

Her name is Mocha, and she loves carrots.