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New rapid COVID-19 test taking off at EIA

GLC, Edmonton company, testing new technology exclusively at airport

Edmonton International Airport has partnered with GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc. to trial the testing of a new rapid COVID-19 testing unit. The trial will be conducted at the airport and will be voluntary.

The trial has not started. When a start date is determined more information will be available here. Read the initial announcement here.

For technical information, please see the GLC-Medical website.

How does the test work?

It’s simple! 

  1. The person being tested will provide a saliva sample into the testing unit.
  2. The graphene-based testing material inside the unit reacts to the presence of the virus.
  3. In less than a minute, a light turns red or green depending on if someone has the virus or not.

Why is an airport doing COVID testing? 

We all want travel to get back to normal. A safe, rapid and reliable COVID test can help get us there by potentially eliminating the need for quarantine periods currently involved with travel. As an airport, we understand working with governments and within a regulated structure. We can supply a safe and secure testing site. 

Who is GLC Medical (GLMC) Inc.? 

Graphene Leaders Canada and its subsidiary GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc. Is an Edmonton based company that has been pioneering research and development on the uses of graphene, a component of the natural mineral graphite. Graphene is used in the testing device which has been developed by the company.  To find out more about GLCM and their testing visit their website. 

Do I still need to wear a mask and have my temperature checked at security?

Yes. Masks are still required inside the EIA terminal and temperature screening is being done by the Canadian Air Transport Safety Authority (CATSA) under the direction of Transport Canada. This voluntary testing is for a trial period only. 

How do I sign up to get tested? Do I need to be a passenger? 

The process for testing and who will be tested will be released when the trial begins.