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At EIA, we’re committed to making our airport as clean and safe as possible. We want you to feel comfortable making EIA part of your journey.

We know this global pandemic will change our industry for years to come; we are continually examining every step of a passenger’s journey to make the experience as safe and secure as possible. This includes new touchless technologies and how the passenger can have more control in how they interact with surfaces and staff at our airport. 

International Border Testing program for arriving passengersCOVID test to enter Canada

GLC Medical (GLCM) Inc. COVID-19 test trial at EIA

Private testing via Dynalife for travel purposes

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Frequently asked questions about COVID-19

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EIA has been accredited by Airports Council International under its rigorous Airport Health Accreditation Programme. The accreditation means EIA is meeting high standards on how it has responded to COVID-19 and passenger safety concerns.  

The ACI accreditation was created to help passengers, airlines and governments understand that individual airports have adopted best practices and are meeting industry-wide guidelines for safe reopening and operationsThe program evaluates cleaning and disinfection standards, physical distancing (where feasible and practical), staff protection, physical layout, passenger communications and passenger facilities.  

All passenger areas and processes are considered including terminal access, check-in areas, security screening, boarding gates, lounges, retail, food and beverages, gate equipment such as boarding bridges, escalators and elevators, border control areas and facilities (in collaboration with authorities), baggage claim area and arrivals exit. 

More information is available here.

  • Physical distancing floor decals are in place throughout the terminal, ensuring that we all are reminded to keep distance between ourselves and others. 
  • Baggage carts in circulation are cleaned three times a day with a disinfectant, including frame, wheels, basket and handles. When the carts are collected, the handles are sanitized and returned to the signed sanitized cart collection areas for passengers’ use 
  • Shuttle buses are cleaned several times daily and physical distancing is maintained 
  • Airport seating is being disinfected three times per day 
  • Hold on tight when you ride the escalators at EIA without worrying how clean they might be. EIA has installed UV-C light-based sterilization cleaners on several main escalators in the central part of the terminal. As part of EIA Ready, our comprehensive cleaning and safety program, this new technology is installed inside the mechanics of the escalators and constantly washes the handrails with UV-C light as they pass by the machine. This light sterilizes the handrails and ensures they stay clean and safe for passengers and guests. 
  • Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure to prevent crowding at check-in or in security 
  • Bring a face covering with you – you are now required to wear a face covering in all Canadian airports, and throughout the duration of your flight. Masks are also being sold at Circle K pre-security and Hudson News and Relay post-security
  • Facial coverings that are not permitted:
    – face coverings with exhalation valves or vents
    – bandanas and neck gaiters
    – militaristic masks such as gas masks
    – face coverings that cover the entire face
  • If you’re picking up or dropping off passengers, please wait in your vehicle for them rather than coming into the terminal (of course, exceptions are made for those helping unaccompanied minors, persons with disabilities, or others who need help) 
  • Use a digital mobile boarding pass to limit your contact with physical objects in the airport 
  • Wash your hands. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the airport and refilled regularly