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Tom Micki and Yeg

President and CEO Tom Ruth with his wife Micki and Yeg the puppy.

Meet Yeg at EIA 

What’s small (for now), curious, furry, yellow and likes to hang out with our President and CEO?  

That’s not a trick question, meet Yeg, a Labrador retriever puppy born June 2020.  

Yeg belongs to Dogs With Wings, an Edmonton-based charity that helps train and supply service dogs for people with various disabilities. He is being raised by Tom Ruth, CEO and President of Edmonton Airports and his wife Micki Ruth. Yeg is from a litter of puppies all given Y-names and EIA’s global airport code is YEG. 

As part of his training, Yeg will be spending time around EIA to help him learn to deal with crowds, different noises and situations. At the age of 14 months his initial training will be complete enough to help determine what kind of service dog his is best suited to act as and then he will graduate to specialized training for that role. 

Remember, if you see Yeg and he has his blue vest on, he is working/training and can’t make time for play or to be petted. EIA is proud to help support Dogs With Wings and its goal, to change lives for the better.  

To see more of Yeg in action and follow his growth and training, follow along on EIA’s social media accounts: 

Check out Yeg’s fourth quarter update for 2020 and his excellent progress with Dogs With Wings.