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July 12, 2007 | General

Edmonton — Today, Edmonton Airports released its decisions on Edmonton City Centre Airport (ECCA), which reflect the Board’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the facility remains a viable airport for the long-term. Edmonton City Centre Airport will continue to provide medevac, corporate, private, and charter services, and other general aviation activities as described in the 56-year lease between Edmonton Airports and the City of Edmonton.

In addition, limited scheduled passenger service between northern Alberta and Edmonton City Centre Airport will be allowed to continue with 10-passenger aircraft under clear restrictions, Edmonton Airports announced today. The modification of a November 18, 2003 decision by Edmonton Airports to transfer all scheduled passenger service from ECCA to Edmonton International Airport (EIA) was made following an extensive consultation and review process.
While service from ECCA will continue to northern Alberta, scheduled passenger services now operating from ECCA to Lethbridge and Calgary will be consolidated at EIA by July 31, 2005.

In making the announcement, Margaret Bateman, Edmonton Airports Board Chair stated, “Operating scheduled passenger service at both the Edmonton International and City Centre Airports poses a serious threat to the overall quality of air service to Edmonton and northern Alberta. However, we believe that we can both meet the unique needs of the North and protect quality air services for the Capital Region and the North by allowing limited service at the City Centre Airport under specific licenses as long as we have the ability to enforce those restrictions and we have carrier compliance.”

“With the plan that we’ve outlined today, Edmonton Airports has demonstrated that this airport will be financially and operationally viable for the long-term,” Bateman reinforced.
Bateman added, “Edmonton Airports’ mandate is to provide the best possible air service for this region, and we have heard and responded to the concerns raised by northern Alberta and Edmontonians. We believe this region has tremendous opportunities as a northern gateway and we must do what is necessary to maximize those opportunities while protecting against the greatest risk to overall air service”

Edmonton City Centre Airport will continue to provide the following existing frequencies to northern destinations currently served:

• Maximum daily scheduled service frequencies (number of daily flights to and from):
o High Level (4)
o Peace River (4)
o Grande Prairie (4)
o Fort McMurray (6)

Bateman continued, “Effective July 31 2005, scheduled passenger services to Calgary and Lethbridge at the City Centre Airport will be consolidated at Edmonton International.” Martin Copeland, Vice President, Airline Marketing and Planning for Intervistas Consulting states, “The loss of origin-destination passengers to Edmonton International Airport tilts route network economics in favour of direct services to Calgary.”

Strong air service with efficient regional and long-haul networks attracts business and tourism travel, which is necessary to fuel and support regional economic growth. Business and Industry grow when air service does, and strong air service, in turn, attracts new businesses and promotes economic expansion. Edmonton Airports shares this community’s vision of economic strength and opportunity, and will continue to develop strong air service supporting Edmonton and the North, with vital connections to the rest of the world.

• priority lane through pre-board screening at EIA
• dedicated parking area within parkade at EIA
• dedicated exit lane from parking at EIA, and
Edmonton Airports will also provide the Province of Alberta with an opportunity to appoint a director (board member) to Edmonton Airports Board.

Reference: Board Decisions Announced July 20, 2004 (pdf 11KB)
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