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July 12, 2007 | General

Edmonton – Edmonton Regional Airports Authority Board of Directors today released the report of the Air Services/City Centre Airport Consultation Group, which was presented to the Board April 15. Edmonton Airports acknowledges and commends the efforts of the Consultation Group.
The Consultation Group report recognizes common ground between the views of the Group and Edmonton Airports including: the need to protect optimal air service for the region and maintain a strong international airport; the commitment to ensure Edmonton City Centre Airport remains viable into the future; and the need for effective and actionable enforcement to maintain control of air traffic levels at Edmonton City Centre Airport.

The Consultation Group’s report recommends restricted scheduled service at Edmonton City Centre Airport. The Board will carefully consider the implications of this recommendation on air service. Edmonton Airports Board is also working with industry experts on air service issues as part of its deliberations.

The Board accepts the recommendation of the Consultation Group to work better with communities in the region and the north in order to improve relationships. It recognizes the special economic relationship with the north. The Board will also work with the Province, City of Edmonton and the federal government to pursue viable enforcement options, as this recommendation is a requisite to any consideration of passenger traffic at ECCA.
In the interim, Edmonton Airports will continue to maintain scheduled service at ECCA under the conditions established when the pause was implemented at the start of last November’s consultation process.

The Air Services/City Centre Airport Consultation Group was established by Edmonton Airports in response to concerns expressed by some stakeholders following the announcement of Edmonton Airports’ long-term vision for Edmonton City Centre Airport last November. That vision involved consolidation of remaining scheduled passenger service at Edmonton International Airport with Edmonton City Centre Airport continuing to serve the Capital Region and the North by accommodating air ambulances (medevacs), small charters, government aviation, private and corporate aviation, military, flight training, helicopter services, and related support businesses.
Edmonton Regional Airports Authority’s Board of Directors has the legislated responsibility to make the decisions necessary to ensure the best possible air service for the region in support of a strong economy.

Edmonton Airports is a not-for-profit organization mandated to manage the region’s airport assets on behalf of and in the best interest of the community. Edmonton Airports manages four airports in the Capital Region; Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton City Centre Airport, Cooking Lake Airport and Villeneuve Airport.

Downloadble copy of the Air Services/City Centre Airport Consultation Group Report (pdf 33KB)
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