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December 11, 2007 | General

Edmonton – Transport Canada has issued heightened security measures at Canadian Airports. Edmonton International Airport remains in full compliance with those regulations. You will experience an increased security and police presence, and additional measures associated with passenger and baggage screening. Visit Transport Canada’s site at for more info.

Preparing to travel – When preparing for a flight, please remember the following:

– Ensure that you are aware and have packed all documentation required to travel. Documentation requirements are different depending on whether you are travelling within Canada or to another country. Regardless, you should bring photo ID for all flights;

– If you are making arrangements for children under the age of 18, there may be specific documentation required, particularly if the minor is travelling without both parents/guardians.

– Confirm travel details with your airline. Airlines listings are found at;

– Confirm your flight; Confirm that your luggage is within the size and weight restrictions;
Ask your airline to clarify any questions you have regarding restrictions on carry-on and checked luggage.

Reporting to the Airport
Listed below are airline guidelines for reporting to Edmonton International Airport. However, Edmonton Airports recommends that throughout the Christmas season, you arrive at the airport 15 minutes earlier; the Christmas season always means greater traffic volumes, and sometimes, longer lines.

Airline Check In Recommendations:

– Air Canada: 30 minutes for rapidair; one hour for domestic; 90 minutes for U.S. flights and 3 hours for international flights.
– Air Transat: 3 hours ahead of flight departure.
– Canadian North 1 hour ahead of flight departure.
– Northwest/Horizon: 1.5 – 2 hours ahead of flight departure.
– WestJet: 1 hour ahead of flight departure.

Complimentary Coat Check
Airport parking offers free coat check service. Take advantage of Edmonton Airports Parking services, and you will avoid travelling to sunny destinations with bulky winter coats. This is a complimentary service available exclusively to customers who park at the airport parking facility.

Security Screening at the Airport
To assist with efficient processing through security screening, please consider the following guidelines:

– Check with your airline to determine their carry-on limits. Some carriers permit one carry-on item and one personal item personal item such as a purse on-board the aircraft. Some carriers allow two carry-on items.
– Travel light; this will assist with getting you through security screening quickly, and will assist the travellers in line behind you.
– If you are unsure of an item you are taking through security, please declare the item; do not let security screeners “discover” an item that may be questionable.
– Do not bring any wrapped packages in your carry-on.
– Airport security agencies have been directed by Transport Canada to seize all knives or knife-like objects during pre-boarding screening. Take time when packing, and avoid bringing anything that could be interpreted as a weapon or dangerous. Examples of items NOT permitted through security include:

Flammable liquids, golf clubs, hockey sticks, knives or knife-like objects, liquids in unmarked bottles, large quantities of matches, paint, pepper spray, straight razor, toy weapons, trade tools.

Electronic Equipment: If at all possible, minimize the amount of electronic or battery-operated devices packed in carry-on baggage. Those wishing to pack any of these items must be prepared to declare them, and demonstrate that they are in working order. These include radios, radio cassette players, personal stereos, compact disc players, laptop computers, electronic games, calculators, clocks, hair dryers, travel irons, portable telephones, pagers, cameras, video cameras, mini televisions, hair curlers, electronic razors, musical keyboards, electric tooth brushes, children’s battery operated toys.

Sources of Information For Travellers
If Edmonton Airports can be of assistance to you, please access our website at Through our website you can access real-time flight information, and complete airline listings. You can also contact us by calling 1-800-268-7134. Travel Agents are also a good source of advice and can provide you with travel options.

Finally, Edmonton International Airport is committed to complying with all government directives to ensure a safe and secure trip for all travellers. We wish you a peaceful holiday season.