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May 16, 2008 | General, YEG News Releases

Tickets to ride on the famous Concorde supersonic jet are now on sale in Edmonton.

Coming to Edmonton this May in conjunction with the Edmonton International Air Show, Albertans may choose a “Champagne Flight to Nowhere”, a two-hour circuit from Edmonton International Airport to Churchill, Manitoba and back again; or they may choose to travel to or from Toronto or even London, England at twice the speed of sound.

Available flights are:

Friday May 17 (afternoon): Champagne Flight to Nowhere, $999
Saturday May 18 (morning): second Champagne Flight to Nowhere, $999

Friday May 17 (mid-day): Toronto to Edmonton, $1799 (one-way)
Saturday May 18 (afternoon): Edmonton to Toronto, $1799 (one-way)
Special round trip Edmonton-Toronto package available with return flight on Air Canada for $1999.

Friday May 17 (morning): London to Toronto, $2999 (one-way)
Sunday May 19 (morning): Toronto to London, $2999 (one-way)

There are only 100 seats per flight. Tickets are available from any travel agent.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Garry King, Chairman of the Edmonton International Air Show. “Most Edmontonians may never again get a chance to break the sound barrier. A trip on the Concorde would be an absolutely awesome gift or a treat for yourself, and it’s something that might never be available in this city again.”

The British Airways Concorde travels at speeds up to Mach II, which is twice the speed of sound. Every seat is a first class seat, and all passengers will receive champagne and caviar, a special on-board gift package, and a certificate verifying the traveler has gone Mach II.