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May 14, 2008 | General

EDMONTON — The taxi consortium serving Edmonton International Airport (Yellow Cab, Prestige Cabs and Co-op Taxi) announced today that they had reached agreement with Edmonton Airports (EA) to increase the maximum taxi fare between the airport and the downtown core.

Effective February 1st, the maximum fare between the airport and downtown for passengers using those three taxi fleets will rise from $29 to $35. The increase was prompted by an increase of 10% on November 1, 1998 in the metered rate (as set by the Edmonton Taxi Cab Commission), plus additional increases planned for the future.

In return for an increase in the maximum fare, the consortium agreed to a request by Edmonton Airports that the new maximum fare be guaranteed to stay in effect until the end of the current contract (April 2001), notwithstanding any future increases to the metered rate that will occur.

The maximum rate of $35 still represents a discount to the traveller. The metered rate between the airport and downtown is approximately $37 to $38 at the current metered rates. Those rates are scheduled to increase again in November 1999.

“In addition to the discount, our customers acknowledge that a maximum fare offers the benefits of predictability (visitors know how much to plan to pay) and protection (visitors are assured that they are not being overcharged),” said Diane Trenn, Terminal Manager at the International Airport. “While we would like to keep the rate attractive to customers, we have to acknowledge that drivers have experienced increases in costs, and that the Edmonton Taxi Cab Commission considers rate increases to be justified.”

Quebec City is the only other airport in Canada to offer discounted rates between the airport and downtown. Edmonton’s metered rates are also amongst the lowest in Canada.

Approximately 50% of the people who use an airport cab are going to or from the downtown core. The remainder of the passengers are subject to the metered rate. Passengers may use any taxi fleet for trips to the airport, and those trips will normally be at the metered rate. Only the three taxi fleets that are part of the consortium may pick up passengers at the airport, and those fleets are subject to a number of conditions involving service standards and maximum rates to downtown.