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May 14, 2008 | General

Edmonton – On August 18, WestJet Flight 14 departing Edmonton at 1:00 p.m. for Vancouver encountered a suspected birdstrike, and as a precaution, returned to Edmonton International Airport for inspection. The aircraft landed without incident and after a thorough inspection and slight delay, the WestJet flight resumed its normal operation.

Bird strikes are an expected occurrence at airports. To manage and minimize the risk of bird strikes, Edmonton Airports manages a successful Bird and Wildlife Program.

Bird strike comparison between 1999 and 2000:

1999: July 21 – August 18: 4 confirmed strikes, 2 suspected strikes
2000: July 21 – August 18: 2 confirmed strikes, 2 suspected strikes

There have been 50% fewer cases of bird strikes during this period of job action compared to the same time last year.

Transport Canada conducted an airport inspection on August 15, 2000 and reported that, “Bird and wildlife control has been stepped up and has been very effective.”*

*Transport Canada, Airport Inspection Report, signed August 16, 2000

WestJet Airlines: Siobhan Vinish, Director, Public Relations & Communications (403) 735-2615