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July 12, 2007 | General

Regional residents who travel to Europe for business or leisure are urged to voice their demand for nonstop, scheduled European air service by completing an online survey accessible from the homepage of or click here to go directly to the survey.

The purpose of the online survey is to assess our region’s air travel needs and establish a database of European air travellers to bolster Greater Edmonton’s case for scheduled air service to Europe. The FlyEuro Campaign survey is a joint initiative of Edmonton Economic Development Corp. (EEDC) and Edmonton Airports.

“We need everyone in Greater Edmonton who has travelled to Europe in the last five years to respond to the FlyEuro survey,” says Allan Scott, President and CEO, Edmonton Economic Development Corp. (EEDC). “The lack of direct scheduled European flights is a common complaint in our region and now is the time for those people to be counted.”

Establishing new non-stop routes to Europe can represent an investment of tens of millions of dollars for airlines. By completing this online survey (and forwarding it to friends, relatives or work colleagues that have travelled to Europe in the last five years), regional residents can help Edmonton Airports and EEDC demonstrate that significant demand exists for scheduled air service between Europe and Edmonton International Airport.

EEDC and Edmonton Airports urge you to complete this survey if you have:

• Travelled to a destination in the U.K. or Europe, or used a U.K. or European airport as a connecting point, anytime in the past five years; or,
• Expect that you will take a trip to the U.K., Europe, or beyond in the next two years.

“Ultimately it’s an entire community speaking with one voice that gets the airlines’ attention,” says Scott. “Edmonton Airports has done an excellent job demonstrating community support to build an effective lineup of domestic and U.S. flights, and now we need community support to help attract scheduled European flights.”

“Edmonton Airports values the leadership shown by EEDC in co-ordinating this survey, which will be a powerful tool to use with airlines in demonstrating that non-stop scheduled service will be successfully embraced by our community,” says Reg Milley, President and CEO of Edmonton Airports. “The positive efforts of this community have already stimulated significant air service gains that we are eager to build on with this FlyEuro Campaign.”

The campaign will conclude Sept. 10, 2005.

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