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July 10, 2007 | General

Edmonton – Downtown Edmonton will become QuikAir’s new primary gateway with an executive check-in and arrival facility located on the main floor of the World Trade Centre Edmonton, which is owned and operated by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

In making the announcement today, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Ruth Kelly stated, “The establishment of QuikAir’s operations in the World Trade Centre is a great partnership. It makes sense for business travellers and it’s good business for the downtown core.”

QuikAir finalized changes to more than 20 daily flights it offers between Edmonton and Calgary with the launch of a complimentary limo service between downtown Edmonton and Edmonton International Airport. This new initiative is designed to provide business travellers with a more convenient and efficient method of travelling between the two cities.

Effective January 3, QuikAir is operating a dedicated fleet of four aircraft on the Edmonton—Calgary corridor providing 24 daily flights between the two cities. Every aircraft is configured in an all-business-class interior that provides superior space and comfort for the short 36-minute flight between Edmonton and Calgary. “The standardization of our aircraft fleet to an-all-business-class/executive configuration will be an industry first for a scheduled airline in Canada, but is no surprise when you consider that our niche has always been to provide top-tier air service to business travelers,” said QuikAir President Paul Phee.

“We were quick to share the vision of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, owner of World Trade Centre Edmonton, to create a business traveller portal in the heart of Edmonton. All of QuikAir’s flights arriving and departing Edmonton International Airport are connected with a complimentary limo service to and from the World Trade Centre.”

“Our goal at QuikAir is to enhance business travel between Calgary and Edmonton,” Phee explained. QuikAir has been testing its limo connection service and has established that travel between downtown Edmonton and Calgary International Airport takes on average just 99 minutes.

Phee is also quick to point out that QuikAir is the only scheduled airline in Canada to offer a number of unique features:

• Single price airfare regardless of when you book
• No charge for changes and cancellations
• Complimentary beer and wine service (after 1:30 p.m.)
• Downtown Edmonton check-in with complimentary limo service to and from Edmonton International Airport

“QuikAir is offering a highly attractive connection between Alberta’s two major business centres,” says Reg Milley, Edmonton Airports President and CEO. “We strongly support QuikAir’s innovative efforts to make the trip between Calgary and Edmonton as quick and comfortable as possible for our busy business travellers.

“The new service also complements our FlyThru business travel plan, which speeds up same-day, intra-Alberta business travel at Edmonton International Airport.”

QuikAir’s Jetstream aircraft feature a stand-up cabin; luxurious leather, suede and polished wood accents; and all-leather individual reclining seating for up to 12 passengers in a double-club seating arrangement. In-flight amenities include self-service beverages, featuring complimentary beer and wine; personal DVD entertainment; and 120v power connections for electronic equipment such as laptops.

Since 2001 QuikAir has operated more than 25,000 flights for hundreds of thousands of business travellers between Edmonton and Calgary. It is anticipated that in 2006 QuikAir will be operating more than ten aircraft in five western markets, with a capacity to transport more than 140,000 passengers.

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is the official voice of business in the Edmonton area. With more than 3,200 members, the Edmonton Chamber is the second largest chamber organization in Canada and has served its members and community with distinction since 1889. The World Trade Centre Edmonton is a member of the World Trade Centres Association, encompassing approximately 300 members in nearly 100 countries around the globe. The World Trade Centre Edmonton opened its doors on August 30, 2004.

QuikAir Contacts:
Paul Phee, President (Edmonton) (780) 966-7845
Ken Lucas (Calgary) (403) 618-3809
Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Contact:
Kimberly Nishikaze, Communications Manager (780) 409-2619